Indoggo Gin, an American gin spirit brand co-founded by rapper Snoop Dogg, has launched a branded tour bus set to travel around the United States, offering tastings. 

Indoggo Gin was released last year in the United States in partnership with Snoop Dogg’s close friend and business partner, Keenan Towns. The new tour bus is branded with ‘Indoggo’ type font and the slogan “remix your gin.” As of right now, the bus has already begun its tour in Los Angeles, California — Snoops home state. 

“I am thrilled to bring the refreshing and smooth taste of Indoggo Gin to people across the country,” said Snoop Dogg in a recent press release. 

As for the actual gin, Indoggo is distilled five times and made with seven different botanicals, including coriander, orange, and cassia. The gin is said to be a “California-style” spirit that is light, fruity, and sweet on the palette.

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