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Indoggo Strawberry Flavored Gin

Snoop Dogg. Gin and juice. That’s all you need to know about this amazing purple bottle of strawberry-flavored gin by one of the greatest rappers of all time (and truly, one of the most beloved and ubiquitous celebrities in Los Angeles). What’s the best way to drink Indoggo? Some fresh lemonade is the easiest for a refreshing weekend sipper on the rocks.

The strawberry flavor makes the gin just a little sweet (though there’s no sugar in this bottle), making it versatile with coconut milk, tonic water, grapefruit juice, or pretty much anything that would work with gin. It’s not really the kind of stuff you’d want to make a martini out of, but in terms of mixing or splashing into punches, Indoggo (even the name is incredible) is a solid go-to. Plus, a bottle won’t cost you anything near Ace of Spades for that celebrity booze flex.

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