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Spring is here and there’s no better way to celebrate the return of sunshine and allergies than with National Gin and Tonic Day. Is National Gin and Tonic Day a made-up holiday to sell booze? Most likely, but when have any of us needed an excuse to try a new cocktail?

If G&T Day is real, then the patron saint of the festivities should be Snoop Dogg. Interesting enough, the international star and rapper has created his own wine 19 Crimes and several cannabis products, but had yet to launch a spirits-centric collection. Partnering with Keenan Towns and Marc Weisberg the co-creators of Trusted Spirits, he launched Indoggo in late 2020. And yes, this isn’t your ordinary gin spirit; it’s a blend of gin and juice.

Indoggo has been distilled several times with botanicals coriander, juniper, cassia and orange. After this process, it’s distilled with all-natural strawberry flavor, which gives it a hint of sweetness.

The California king has released a cocktail to pair with his signature spirit, called the strawberry basil gin and tonic. All you need it 2 oz. of gin, 75 oz. of honey syrup, tonic (Indoggo has suggested Owen’s Tonic Water & Lime) and fresh basil as garnish.

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