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The track and video from Rolling Stone sees Snoop boasting about his successes in the industry, while flaunting bottles of INDOGGO, his new flavored gin brand

Snoop Dogg is taking the lyrics to his hit song, “Gin and Juice” to heart, with a new campaign celebrating the launch of his flavored gin brand, INDOGGO. The rapper’s got his mind on the money as he gives some premium product placement to his strawberry-infused gin in the music video for his new track, “C.E.O.”

The song — and video — sees Snoop shouting out his longevity and successes in the industry, while dancing next to a giant billboard for INDOGGO, a premium gin that combines seven different botanicals with an all-natural strawberry flavor.

“I’ve been a boss and entrepreneur in this game for decades and I keep on building my empire,” the rapper tells Rolling Stone. My new single, ‘C.E.O.’ talks about the work and hustle I put in to be the boss. With moves like launching my own liquor brand, INDOGGO, and with weed brands, shows and more, I stay on my grind.”

INDOGGO was first introduced as part of a limited launch last fall, but the flavored spirt is now available for delivery across the country, through sites like Reserve Bar and Drizly.

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