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Snoop Dogg might be nearing the half-century mark in age, but the West Coast living legend is still very much a factor when it comes to being involved in the right product. After a limited release in 2020, the Long Beach superstar’s INDOGGO gin is now available nationwide.

We last learned about INDOGGO this past September and have been patiently waiting to try out the spirit ourselves. Earlier this week (Feb. 17), the brand announced that the gin can now be found at our local fine adult beverage stores and other retailers.

The gin boasts seven botanicals infused with naturally-derived strawberry flavor, priming the spirit for sipping simply with bubbly tonic water or big-flavor cocktails depending on one’s tastes. INDOGGO comes by way of Keenan Towns and Marc Weisberg of Trusted Spirits, and the Prestige Beverage Group. Recently, actor and host Terrence “J” Jenkins was named INDOGGO’s creative director.

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