January 15th, 1994, wasn’t just any other winter day. It was the day when the now-iconic rapper Snoop Dogg dropped his debut album Doggystyle. It’s also the day we first heard Snoop’s tribute to pot-smoking, drink sipping, and house-partying called “Gin & Juice.”

This week, more than 25 years later, Snoop is paying homage to the classic song about the simple cocktail of gin and fruit juice (usually grapefruit juice) by launching his own gin brand. It should come as no surprise that the man who set a world record when he made a 500-liter gin and juice cocktail (a Paradise cocktail technically) back in 2018 would eventually start his own gin brand. It’s called INDOGGO, and even though it immediately makes us think of IndieGoGo, it was designed to be a “laid-back” California-style gin.


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